February 16, 2009

Samsung E590 Camera

Samsung SGH E 590

Yup...that's the type of my mobilephone. My wife gave it to me as a birthday present :)..

This mobilephone is quite awesome despite of its simple design. We can find many useful features in this type. One of those is its camera.
The SGH E590 has a 3MP Camera with AutoFocus and 4x DigitalZoom. Combined with 1.79" Colour LCD Screen (TFT 260K), the E590 is very fun to use in making photos.

Its picture-taking ability is great. And what makes it more fun to use is the "Macro" feature in the camera. Shooting an object at a very close distance would be a little bit difficult to do, especially when you use a camera-phone. But with SGH E590, you can easily do that with the "Macro" mode.
Here are some pictures showing the result of SGH E590's camera in "Macro" mode. I took these pics with my own E590.

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