February 26, 2009

Change YouTube Size on your blogpost

Want to change the size of an embedded-video from YouTube in your blogpost ? Try this one..(hey, I'm still an amateur...so correct me if I'm wrong, okay?)
  1. Open your YouTube video to be inserted in your post. Copy its HTML code (in the red circle)
  2. Create a new post. Add video from YouTube by pasting the embedded HTML code of the video in your create-post box.
  3. Click on "Edit HTML". You will see the HTML code from that YouTube video.
  4. Find the parts that show the width and the height of that video. (see the red arrows).
  5. Change those numbers with the suitable size like you want. Change both, upper and lower parts. Usually YouTube video/object has "425" in width and "344" in height.
  6. Publish post. You can immediately view your blog now.
Hope it works....:)

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