February 16, 2009

Isabella Search...

When I browsed YouTube this morning, I accidently found a song called "Isabella". It reminds me of an Asian pop song from early 90's. It was sang by a Malaysian band named the "SEARCH". Amy was the name of the band's vocalist. Don't get wrong..Amy is "him"! Yes, Amy is a man :D
This song was quite popular in Indonesia at that time. In fact, there was an Indonesian movie with the same title based on this song. And if I'm not mistaken, Nia Zulkarnaen, a-well-known beautiful Indonesian actress played as "Isabella" in that movie (boy..Nia was very cute that time....she still is...hehehee...).
But "Isabella" itself was a kinda' soundtrack of a Malaysian film titled "Fenomena" starred by Amy Search and Ramona Rahman.(CMIIW).

The song's tone is a little bit ballad or kinda-slowrock, BUT it's lyric is very mellow and melancolic. Love and heartbreaking are the main story behind that :(
And if you see the band's on-stage performance, you'll easily find that they were strongly influenced by many 80's and 90's Rockbands , like Queen, Guns 'n Roses, Mr. BIG, Firehouse, etc.

Well... despite of it's "contradictive" style, the song did a very good job to the band. As a matter of fact, many Indonesian people loved it. I too, used to sing it, when I took a bath in the bathroom LOL...xixixixixxx....


  1. Oh this is definitely my favorite post.It is rare to find post about Search today, especially from Indonesian people.Great job and thanks for becoming my follower.


  2. You to, bro....r u a SEARCH fan? :p