February 26, 2009

Ken Lee?

"Without You" by Mariah Carey.

Have you ever heard of that song? It's a nice song, you know..
But have you ever heard someone sing that song in a very unique way? See this one :

I'm sure you'll laugh at it. But I think we should see that from another point of view.
You see, the girl's name was Valentina Hasan. She followed an audition in Bulgaria. It was an audition for Bulgarian Music Idol, some sort of American Idol, Indonesian Idol, etc. You can see that Valentina was very confident about her performance. Although she didn't understand English, she was determined to sing that song. You can see her expression. She didn't care at all, even when one of the judges laughed. This was something awesome. I call this " a brave action". Not everyone could do this! Infact, Mariah Carey admitted it. Watch this :

And you know what?!? After that "KenLee" surprise, Valentina got another surprise, as the chief of EMI (you know, that famous music-recording company..) contacted the chief of Universal for Bulgaria, in order to find out more about her performance. Pheww..who never know???

Well, at least I can learn one thing : if you are determined to reach something, just follow your heart and don't get bothered with what people think about you. Two thumbs up for Valentina Hasan!

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