March 16, 2009

Are Rules Made to be Broken?

Take a good look at these pics. What would you say?

I took those pics at some location in West Jakarta. They show us how rules are made to be broken. In this case, it's the traffic rules. Yep, that's the reality of Jakarta's traffic condition. People often abandoned those rules, and the sad thing is that most of them did that on purpose and didn't feel sorry about it.

Picture #1 : someone was selling things with his car. It's not wrong at all to do that. What went wrong was, he didn't realize that all of his goods covered the car's brake lamp and sign lamp. Think about it! When he stopped his car, anyone behind it would not see the brake-lamp. It's kinda dangerous, right?

Picture #2 & 3 : oops..!! Some people were going to the wrong direction.. guess what?They did that on purpose...!!!

Picture #4 : another "shortcut-action", someone went to the opposite direction of the traffic. Also notice the bus at the end of a fly-over. The bus driver didn't drop passangers off on a bus-shelter, instead, he chose to drop them off right there! It's a kind of hazardous situation for them, right?

Well...those were only some examples of nowadays-reality about Jakarta's traffic condition.
Can anyone give us the best solution to overcome this phenomenon?(sigh.....).

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